Burst Method


Burst Method, founded in 2009, is a Baltimore-based press outlet that provides high-quality concert coverage. We pride ourselves on not only our professionalism but also on maintaining some of the fastest publishing times. We select only the best photos to publish as well as conduct thorough research in choosing questions to ask during interviews with artists. Burst Method strives to create content that not only the artist, but their fans, can be proud of.

Our coverage, acclaimed internationally, has been featured on websites such as Barks, JPOPASIA, Roadrunner Records, MUSICBOX Entertainment, We The G33k, idobi, and more! Check out our Testimonials section to see what people are saying about Burst Method.

At Burst Method we strive to reach as wide and diverse of an audience as possible. To accomplish this goal our coverage is currently published in Japanese, Chinese, and English. We would love to hear from you, so be sure to email us.